What is REDD+ Myanmar Knowledge?


REDD+ Knowledge Myanmar (KM) is an e-mail list server managed by the UN-REDD Myanmar Programme team, on behalf of the Myanmar  REDD+ Office.


The main objective of REDD+ KM is to distribute information, summaries of research results and activities related to REDD+ in Myanmar, to assist stakeholders in building their understanding of REDD+ and their capacities to engage with, and contribute to the REDD+ Myanmar programme.


As an electronic mailing list, REDD+ KM will disseminate relevant information and serve as a node for discussing “hot” topics. We intend to only mail out brief messages (usually one page) but with information on where and how additional information on a particular topic can be obtained. On average, one message a month should reach you.  Old messages are archived on the Myanmar REDD+ website.


As REDD+ KM is all about sharing information and experiences, it can only operate successfully if information is made available to the operator of the listserver. We will make every effort to identify what we believe should be of interest. However, we encourage a strong role of all subscribers. We hope that you will provide information that you believe should be shared widely, send us feedback regularly to keep us on our toes and forward any questions you have.


We will try to make the content of REDD+ KM and our responses as relevant as possible to your work. Please send any material, feedback, suggestions or inquiries to reddprogramme@myanmar-redd.org.


Please share this message to your colleagues.


To Subscribe: Anyone wanting to subscribe to the REDD+ KM or terminate their subscription should contact us at reddprogramme@myanmar-redd.org.


REDD+ KM’s first issue will be disseminated to the subscribers on 22 January, 2018 with the topic on ‘Introduction to REDD+’. All of the issues will be available in Myanmar and English Language. We appreciate your contribution and subscription to REDD+ KM, and welcome you to the REDD+ KM  community.