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Introduction: Summary of Information 


These summaries of information are country reports on how all the Cancun safeguards are being addressed and respected. These summaries of information should be provided periodically upon commencing implementation of REDD+ activities, at least every four years or at any time by submitting them to the UNFCCC. Countries are encouraged to improve the information contained taking into account a stepwise approach.

The content should include information on:

  1. REDD+ activity or activities that are included in the summary of information.
  2. National circumstances relevant to addressing and respecting the safeguards.
  3. Description of each safeguards in accordance with national circumstances.
  4. Existing systems and processes.
  5. How each safeguards has been addressed and respected.
  6. Other relevant information.


Myanmar’s Summary of Information


Through its National UN-REDD Programme and the Technical Working Group on Stakeholder Engagement and Safeguards (TWG-SES), Myanmar is working to develop its country approach to safeguards and to develop its SIS. Significant progress has been made, including: the assessment of potential social and environmental benefits and risks of REDD+; review of safeguards relevant policies, laws and regulations; and the development of a national safeguards clarification, setting out what the safeguards mean in the Myanmar national context. The next steps in the process are now underway, in particular the development of a design for Myanmar’s SIS and the preparation of Myanmar’s first Summary of Information on the safeguards. This process is being led by a national Drafting Group, including representatives from key government departments, civil society organisations and research institutes.


For more information, please see the download links below.


Safeguards country resources hubhttps://unredd.net/announcements-and-news/2592-safeguards-country-resource-hub.html

UN-REDD Info Brief 5 – Summaries of information: how to demonstrate REDD+ safeguards are being addressed and respected: https://unredd.net/documents/redd-papers-and-publications-90/16672-info-brief-5-summaries-of-information-how-to-demonstrate-redd-safeguards-are-being-addressed-and-respected.html

Summaries that have been submitted to the UNFCCC can be viewed herehttps://redd.unfccc.int/submissions.html?topic=9.

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