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Introduction: Safeguards Information System (SIS)


This is a system for providing information on how safeguards are being addressed or respected throughout the implementation of REDD+ activities and is the one of the pillars of the Warsaw Framework for REDD+. This system, commonly known as safeguards information system and abbreviated as SIS, needs to:

  1. Provide transparent and consistent information that is accessible by all relevant stakeholders and updated on a regular basis.
  2. Be transparent and flexible to allow for improvements over time.
  3. Provide information on how all of the safeguards are being addressed and respected.
  4. Be country-driven and implemented at the national level.
  5. Build upon existing systems, as appropriate.


Process to design Myanmar Safeguards Information System


Using these design considerations as a starting point, the following key steps are undertaken in Myanmar to design its SIS

  • Identifying SIS objectives (with possibility for later refinement)
  • Setting out SIS information needs
  • Carrying out an information systems and sources assessment
  • Determining SIS information structure and proposed indicators
  • Analysing system requirements, including needs for information sharing and dissemination and engagement of government and non-government stakeholders
  • Developing institutional and technological arrangements to meet these requirements


For more information, please see the download links below.


Safeguards country resources hubhttps://unredd.net/announcements-and-news/2592-safeguards-country-resource-hub.html

UN-REDD Technical Brief – REDD+ Safeguards Information Systems: practical design considerations:


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