Policies and Measures (PAMs)


The National REDD+ Strategy specifies the “policies and measures” (PAMs) that will be implemented to address the priority drivers and overcome barriers to the “+” activities.  Some of these PAMs relate to legal or policy changes that need to be made at the national level, and which do not require explicit implementation on the ground.  Examples of these PAMs are:

  • Revise and simplify PA gazetting process
  • Revise incentives system for staff of MONREC and MoALI, particularly at local levels
  • Revise the revenue distribution system among states/regions from sales of timber other forest products

Other PAMs, targeting specific drivers, need to be implemented only in those locations where that driver is significant.  Examples of these PAMs are:

  • Build capacities for plantation maintenance, including resource mobilization (overcoming a barrier to enhancement)
  • Establish gender-responsive Forestry and Agricultural/ Agroforestry Extension services in rural and hill areas (small-scale agriculture and shifting cultivation)
  • Incentivize the use of alternative sources for charcoal production (charcoal)