Knowledge on NFMS

National Forest Monitoring System Action Plan for Myanmar

The NFMS action plan for Myanmar was developed in the framework of FAO component of the UN-REDD Programme by September 2015 and endorsed by the Government of Forest Department in the beginning of 2016. It is intended to cover the planning and implementing of a new or revised system of national forest monitoring and inventory for Myanmar to the level of a first cycle of national level measurements and ideally the initial production of national reports on the state of the forests in the country. The plan will be adapted during the implementation of National UN-REDD Programme in Myanmar.

The plan is intended to suppose the development of a multi-purpose NFM System to be useful for information and data provision for all the major forest related policy and decision making needs in the country as well as meet the requirements for international reporting process related to forests and climate change especially on REDD+.

The plan covers seven main thematic areas as follow:

  • The country situation relevant for developing a NFM system in Myanmar
  • The purposes of national forest monitoring
  • Guidance for the planning process in Myanmar
  • Proposals for organizing the planning process and the decisions to be made
  • Proposals for an operational structure of the NFMS
  • A budget proposal and a time frame
  • A workplan for four years

As an output of the action plan, there will be a new project focused on the National Forest Inventory/ National Forest Monitoring and Information System (NFI/ NFMIS) in Myanmar, which is five year project and funded by Finnish Government. The implementation of the project is under preparation and the project is intended to fill in an important gap in Myanmar’s existing National Forest Monitoring System with functional NFI system according to the Warsaw framework for REDD+ which enables the country to potentially participate in any future results-based payment scheme for REDD+.  The project will have three major components:

  1. National Forest Inventory, NFI, design and implementation
  2. User-oriented National Forest Monitoring Information System, NFMIS
  3. Capacity to implement, maintain and institutionalize a NFI and NFMIS

The project will be implemented in close collaboration with the UN-REDD Programme (MRV component), Forest Department and others projects which are related to the NFMIS development in Myanmar.