Knowledge on FREL/FRLs

Forest (Emissions) Reference Level Action Plan for Myanmar

The action plan for FREL/ FRLs in Myanmar was developed in the framework of the FAO component of UN-REDD Programme by September 2015 and endorsed by the Government of Forest Department in the beginning of 2016. The plan describes the major tasks and activities to be mastered during the respective planning process in Myanmar.

The Approach for planning is organized around major elements of guidance for FREL development namely:

  1. Multi-stakeholder participation and consultation during FREL development,
  2. Data review and methodology,
  3. Identification of national circumstances and adjustment factors,
  4. Development of potential subnational FRELs with national level consistency, and
  5. Linkage of FRELs with the national forest monitoring system, the REDD+ strategy and the Cancun safeguards.

As a progress on FREL/FRL component, Forest Department already submitted the Initial Forest Reference Emission Level to UNFCCC on 8th of January 2018. There will be Technical Assessment (TA) session by the Assessment Team (AT) within the 19th- 23rd of March in Bonn, Germany. For that purpose, Myanmar already received the initial questions on the submission document by the AT and already responded back on 15th of March. During the week of 19th-23rd of March, Myanmar will receive a Skype Conference with AT to discuss on the submission. Myanmar will have to a chance to re-submit the modified submission with due date of 28th of May and again AT will considered on the modified FREL/FRL from 29th of May to 26th of June. After that, AT will prepare the draft report by 20th of July and country can respond to the TA draft report by 15th October. AT will prepare the final report by 12th November and the final report on FREL submission for Myanmar will be published by 30th November 2018. The initial FREL submission of Myanmar can be downloaded through the link.