Third Meeting of Drafting Group for addressing comments received on Myanmar’s draft Summary of Information on Safeguards

27 November 2019, Nay Pyi Taw


Dr. Thaung Naing Oo , Director of Forest Research Institute giving welcome remark


At Forest Department in Nay Pyi Taw, the third meeting of the Drafting Group (DG) for Myanmar’s Summary of Information (SOI) on Safeguards was conducted to provide inputs on the current draft of the Summary. The meeting was organized aiming for discussing how to address and agree comments on the draft SOI received via the national workshop and online comment period.


At the opening of the meeting, Dr. Thaung Naing Oo, Director of Forest Research Institute, gave welcome remark. He said, “Myanmar is working to develop country approach to safeguards and Safeguards Information System. We now have the draft of Myanmar REDD+ SOI in the hand. Instead of Forest Department, I would like to kindly request to DG members from sister line- ministries to openly discuss and review on the comments received for draft SOI. Actually, it is important role of drafting group members.”


After it, Daw May Nwe Soe, National Consultant of Myanmar’s SOI development explained objectives of the meeting and recap of the workplan. And then, she also gave explanation on comment-receiving process of Draft Summary of Information and the table of comments that have been received through the workshop and online comment.


And then, all drafting members discussed the whole day to provide feedback on current comments and review proposed measure to fill gaps in draft SOI. Total 12 drafting members from Department of Ethnic Rights, Department of Social Welfare, Department of Agriculture, Environmental Conservation Department, POINT, MERN, and CHRO were presented in third Drafting Group meeting. After getting final agreement from drafting group members, the Myanmar’s Summary of Information will be submitted to Forest Department for further reviews.