REDD+ Basic Concept Training for CSOs held in Yangon

Yangon, 10 November 2017

The 3-day REDD+ Basic Concept Training has been taken place in Yangon during 8-10 November. 13 participants from CSOs such as RECOFTC, FSWG, MFA, FREDA, IP/EN, KCWG, Naga CSOs, IPEN, ACS, FOW, NAG and IPEN have joined the training.The participants have an opportunity to learn REDD+ Academy core topics on Forest, Carbon Sequestration & Climate Change; Understanding REDD+ and the UNFCCC; Drivers of Deforestation and Forest Degradation; REDD+ National Strategies and Action Plan; Policies and Measures (PAMs)’; Safeguards and SIS; Public Awareness & Stakeholder Engagement; and Good Governance.

For the participants, the training is not only as a learning session on REDD+ programme but also as an informal platform to share their own experiences on the ground dealing with the community in climate actions and to identify ways linking with national REDD+ implementation.

Thanks to the REDD+ Academy key resource persons from Forest Research Institute, Forest Department, Environment Conservation Department and UN-REDD National Programme, this 3-day REDD+ training is successfully able to meet its the objective to build capacity and strengthen understanding among key stakeholders on national REDD+ implementation in Myanmar.