Open Call for Comments

Comments invitation for Draft FPIC Guidelines for Myanmar REDD+ Strategy Implementation and Other Initiatives Affecting Forests is Open Now!




Countries wishing to participate in REDD+ are obliged to submit a “Summary of Information” on how the Cancun Safeguards have been applied and supported during implementation of REDD+ policies and measures (PAMs).  Safeguard 3, on respect for the knowledge and rights of indigenous peoples and local communities, includes the right to Free, Prior and Informed Consent, FPIC.  Thus, to qualify for results-based payments, Myanmar will have to be able to demonstrate that it has applied FPIC during the formulation and implementation of REDD+ PAMs.


The technical and feasibility challenges of implementing FPIC at scale in Myanmar need to be understood in order to design an effective FPIC process.  Furthermore, a single FPIC approach should apply whatever the policy, law or regulation under which it is implemented – there should not be one process for REDD+ and a different process for protected area establishment.  Indeed, ideally there should be a single FPIC approach covering all sectors, within which the actual process can be tailored to match the circumstances of the application.


This document represents an initial draft of guidelines for the application of FPIC in relation to REDD+ in Myanmar following the consultation workshops in March and November 2019 in Nay Pyi Taw.


All interested parties are invited to provide comments and suggestions on the guidelines which can be downloaded through the link below:

D0 National FPIC Guideline – Myanmar

D0 National FPIC Guideline – English

Pls. kindly send your comments and suggestions either in Myanmar (Or) English Language via email to


The deadline for comments is 15 May 2020.