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Comments invitation for Myanmar REDD+ SIS Operationalization Plan is Open Now!


Safeguards requirements aim to ensure that any social and environmental risks of REDD+ activities are minimized and that the benefits are enhanced. According to the relevant decisions of the UNFCCC, countries implementing REDD+ should meet three main requirements in relation to safeguards:

  1. Promote and support the Cancun safeguards (see Annex 1) throughout the implementation of REDD+ actions, regardless of the source and type of funding;
  2. Develop a system for providing information on how the Cancun safeguards are being addressed and respected (i.e. a safeguards information system, SIS); and
  3. Provide summaries of information on how all of the Cancun safeguards are being addressed and respected throughout the implementation of REDD+ actions.

Myanmar has undertaken a number of safeguards activities that support progress towards a SIS, as well as developing its SIS design. Myanmar’s national safeguards approach has been developed under the guidance of the national Technical Working Group on Stakeholder Engagement and Safeguards (TWG-SES).


The national clarification of the safeguards and the assessment of existing safeguards-related PLRs in particular form important inputs to the development of the SIS. Indeed, the SIS is the information system that shows how the safeguards, as described through the national clarification and the country’s legal framework, are being addressed and respected.


The steps needed to design and establish a SIS vary from country to country. The UN-REDD Technical Brief on the design of SIS indicates that in-country discussions on SIS design to date have focused on four key considerations: SIS objectives; SIS information needs and structure; SIS functions and institutional arrangements; and SIS technological systems requirements.  


The SIS design document, finalized in March 2020, sets out the key design elements of Myanmar’s SIS. Further development of institutional and technological arrangements to meet the SIS operational needs are needed.


This document details the needs identified for operationalizing the SIS in its 1st and 2nd Phases and lays out action points for meeting them. 


All interested parties are invited to provide comments and suggestions on the plan which can be downloaded through the link below:

SIS Operationalisation Plan_v3_for consultation – English

SIS Operationalisation Plan_v3_for consultation_MM


Please kindly send your comments and suggestions either in Myanmar (Or) English Language via email to and/or

The deadline for comments is 30 September 2020.