Myanmar REDD+ Programme’s First Media Sharing Session for Yangon-based Editors and Journalists

10 May 2019, Yangon


Myanmar REDD+ Programme’s First Media Sharing Session was successfully conducted at Myanmar Journalists Network office in Yangon with key objectives to enhance collaboration and strengthen media knowledge on REDD+ in relation to forests, climate change, and environmental issues. The session was targeted for Yangon-based media and estimated 45 editors and journalists from 24 different media groups were presented at the sharing session.


Myanmar REDD+ National Programme acknowledges the key role of Media in reporting information about REDD+ implementation. That is why, a series of REDD+ Media training events was organized and supported during last several years for better understanding and reporting of REDD+ process in Myanmar.


At the opening of media sharing session, Dr Thaung Naing Oo, Focal Point of Myanmar REDD+ National Programme and Director of Forest Research Institute gave welcome remarks highlighting the role of Myanmar Media in REDD+ information dissemination. He said, ‘Firstly let me say sincere thanks for journalists and editors for attending our sharing session. We absolutely respect the significant role of media in reporting forest related issues. We do hope giving right message and data to right people will bring many benefits to Myanmar REDD+ programme.”


And then Daw Thit Thit Han, Communications Officer from UN-REDD programme briefly explained about organizing media sharing session in Yangon. She mentioned, “Media is one of the main stakeholders in Myanmar REDD+ Programme. That is why our sharing session was aimed to strengthen partnership with media to communicate effectively on REDD+ and its related topics.”


Dr. Thaung Naing Oo, Focal Point of Myanmar REDD+ National Programme presented Introduction on Myanmar REDD+ Programme focusing on linkage between forests and climate change, role of forest in carbon storage and drivers of deforestation and forest degradation. He also explained about REDD+ process under UNFCCC, five REDD+ Activities and the four REDD+ Design Elements.


At Questions and Answers Session, journalists and reporters raised questions based on Shifting Cultivation, Livelihoods of Forest-dependent Community, Massive Commercial Plantation, VFV law (Vacant, fallow and Virgin Land Law), Forest law, Responsibilities and Accountability of related Departments, and conflict of interests among line departments. And Dr. Thaung Naing Oo answered their questions accordingly.


And then, Ms. Heang Thy, Communications Consultant from UN-REDD openly discussed with journalists and editors for way forwards on how to organize monthly media sharing session and how to work better together in future. Daw Khin Hnin Myint, National Programme Coordinator of UN-REDD programme gave final wrap up and closing remark. She said, “We are very glad to meet with many journalists and editors at this sharing session. It is more than we expected. Actually, we have done four media trainings for Myanmar REDD+ programme at different states and regions. we intend to raise awareness of the REDD+ process and implementation for multi- stakeholders with the collaboration of Media.”