FAO UN-REDD Programme Myanmar participated in the Conference NFI 100 in Norway

20-23 May 2019, Norway


Mr. Franz Eugen Arnold, Forestry Officer from FAO UN-REDD Programme in Myanmar participated in the Conference NFI 100 conducted in Norway from 20th to 23rd May 2019. The 100 years of national forest inventories (NFI) was celebrated by bringing together researchers and practitioners with an interest in forest monitoring, to reflect on the passed challenges, the lessons learned, and to improve future large-scale forest and landscape inventory programs.


In the Conference, FAO presented a poster on the National Forest Inventory Planning Approach developed for Myanmar and participated in lightning talk at the event.  The Conference was divided in different chapters of (1) improving future NFIs by learning from the past, (2) use of auxiliary information in FNIs including multisource NFIs, (3) the value of international cooperation, (4) user needs for climate reporting and MRV, (6) ecosystem services assessment with NFIs, (6) remote sensing in NFIs, and (7) inference and modelling.


The representatives from Germany, Austria, USA, Georgia, Croatia, Poland, Solomon Islands, Brazil, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Denmark Myanmar and other developing countries fully participated in the Conference. The program was organized with Poster session and Lightning talks alternatively under each chapter.


The methodologies of five Nordic Countries (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland) were presented and discussed as field presentations together with demonstrating the field equipment used in their countries.


For more information about the Conference: https://nibio.pameldingssystem.no/nfi100years#/program