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Ms. Khin Thet Win, 18, with her son Ban Thet
Oo, 1 year, pictured at the Kha Baung Protected Public forest, Taung-Oo.
Photo Credit: Cory Wright (UN-Environment)


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Background Information

Myanmar has made significant progress in developing its country approach to safeguards and designing its Safeguards Information System (SIS). Following a National Safeguards Roadmap prepared in 2017, and with guidance from the Technical Working Group on Stakeholder Engagement and Safeguards (TWG-SES), the following steps have been completed: assessment of potential social and environmental benefits and risks of REDD+; review of safeguards relevant policies, laws and regulations; the development of a national safeguards clarification, setting out what the safeguards mean in the Myanmar national context; and the drafting of an SIS design document.

The next steps in this process are now underway, including the further development of the SIS design and the preparation of Myanmar’s first Summary of Information (SoI) on the safeguards. A SoI is a report that summarises how a country is addressing and respecting the safeguards, including its safeguards approach, progress to date, and proposed next steps. With support from the Myanmar UN-REDD Programme, the draft document has been prepared through the guidance of a multi-sector SoI Drafting Group and with stakeholder inputs and feedback.

Comments and suggestions on the current version of the draft Summary are welcome from all interested parties. If you wish to participate in this online consultation, please:

  1. Download and review the draft Summary in Myanmar language or English.
  2. Send your comments and suggestions in either Myanmar language or English via email to and


Please note that deadline for comment submission is 15 November 2019.


Please kindly download the below links for English and Myanmar versions of the draft Myanmar Summary of Information on safeguards.

Myanmar 1st Summary of Information_draft for comment_ENG

Myanmar 1st Summary of Information_ draft for comment_Myanmar


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