6th Meeting of Myanmar REDD+ Task Force

31 January 2019, Nay Pyi Taw


UN-REDD PMU successfully organized a 6th Task Force Meeting at Forest Department in Nay Pyi Taw aiming to follow up actions on decisions taken at the 5th Task Force meeting and determining priorities for implementation and sources of financing. 20 participants from Taskforce member organizations such as DICA, MOHA, MERN, POINT, FRI, IWUMD, ECD, MOALI, MOPF and UN-Environment were present during meeting.


The chair of Task Force meeting and Deputy Director General of Forest Department, U Kyaw Kyaw Lwin gave opening remark. In his speech, he explained about submission process of Myanmar REDD+, “We are in the process of submitting National REDD+ Strategies to Union Cabinet for approval. And the FRL and NFMS will have approval of Minister of MONREC. What a more, the SIS system will be submitted to Minister of MONREC for taking comments from relevant Ministries and approval.”


Dr. Ingyin Khaing, staff officer from Forest Research Institute gave explanation on follow-up actions on decisions reached at the 5th Meeting of the Taskforce for taskforce members’ comments. And then, Daw Khin Hnin Myint, Programme Coordinator, UN-REDD reported the progress on REDD+ in Myanmar focusing on National REDD+ Strategy, Forest Reference Emissions Level, National Forest Monitoring System, Safeguards Information System and International support.


Mr. Timothy Boyle, CTA, UN-REDD Programme gave details on process to consider and adopt recommendations emerging from PAM consultation workshops. He also urged Task Force members as fallows, “Recalling that REDD+ is “Policy approaches and positive incentives on issues relating to reducing emissions from forests”. So, Myanmar needs to identify and implement policy changes needed to reduce emissions. And that is the strong reason that the Taskforce needs to define and support a process to identify and implement policy changes.”


Ms. Cordula Epple, Safeguards Specialist from UNEP-WCMC presented progress on REDD+ safeguards in Myanmar: National Clarification focusing on results of SIS workshop hold at 29th /30th January 2019. She said, “Participants were generally supportive of a phased approach to SIS development and felt that a public interface for the SIS should be created early on. Mechanisms for civil society involvement need to be developed. The results will be incorporated into the draft SIS design document and the assessment of information systems and sources, and shared with TWG members for further consideration.”


Daw Khin Hnin Myint, UN-REDD Programme Coordinator explained  the progress on engagement with ethnic groups in Myanmar. She said, “Twelve ethnic groups were identified as priorities for consultation on the draft REDD+ Strategy, based either on existence of a self-administered area and existence of an EAO holding a significant amount of territory. Up to now, we managed to complete the engagements with five ethnic groups such as Danu, Mon, Pa Laung, Pa O and Wa and the rests are in ongoing process.”


Mr. Timothy Boyle, CTA, UN-REDD Programme presented about moving from Phase 1 into Phase 2: administration of REDD+ and potential priorities for implementation by highlighting REDD+ administration for phase 2 and possible REDD+ finance mechanisms.


Throughout the meeting, questions raised by taskforce members are managed by the chair and related programme team.