Myanmar REDD+ Task Force’s 10th Meeting in Nay Pyi Taw

13th January 2020


10th Meeeting of REDD+ Myanmar Task Force
Dr. Thaung Naing Oo, Director of FRI giving welcome speech


The 10th meeting of the Myanmar REDD+ Task Force was held at the Forest Department in Nay Pyi Taw, with the main purpose of following up on the decisions taken at the 9th Task Force meeting. This assembly is meant to report progress on Myanmar REDD+ and some important updates to members of the Task Force.


On behalf of the Chair, Dr. Thaung Naing Oo, National Programme Director of UN-REDD & Secretary of Task Force gave welcome remark by highlighting important role of Task Force members in phrase 1 of Myanmar’s REDD+ and giving thanks message to members which are representatives from different line ministries and non- governmental organizations. And then, he gave explanation on action taken to follow up on decisions reached at the 9th meeting of the Task Force including preparation of the 4 different scenarios with very low to high ambitious target for emission reduction form Forestry Sector.


And then, Dr. Thaung Naing Oo continued his presentation on progress on REDD+ Myanmar on the development of Warsaw Framework on REDD+, the National REDD+ Strategy, Forest Reference Emission level, National Forest Monitoring System and the Safeguards Information System.


U Sein Moe, Assistant Director of Forest Department presented on development of Community Forestry, activities of Community Forestry National Working Group and Community Forest Unit with additional information on sectoral cooperation and current activities of Community Forestry.


Mr. Tim Boyle, Chief Technical Advisor of UN-REDD shared the arrangement and progress for presenting REDD+ info to the National Environmental Conservation & Climate Change Central Committee (NECCCCC). Presentation on REDD+was made to NECCCCC Climate Change Working Group on 19th December 2019.


Afterwards, Daw Khin Hnin Myint, National Programme Coordinator of UN-REDD presented the proposal for overseeing mangroves implementation by the Task Force and reforming of the new Task Force so that it can play overseeing role effectively for projects of REDD+ Phrase 2.  Daw Khin Hnin Myint went on presentation about design and ToR of Sub- national REDD+ implementation bodies by presenting proposed overall REDD+ institutional architecture, proposal for ToR of sub-national bodies, its membership, functioning and meeting process.


Mr. Tim Boyle, Chief Technical Advisor of UN-REDD explained measures required for ensuring the sustainability of REDD+ office in Phase 2 and beyond, including the need to strengthen the legal framework.  He discussed about the establishment of a “REDD+ Office” to manage day-to-day activities related to REDD+ in Myanmar. And he discussed about how to promote the sustainability and issues for decision.


At question-time sessions, Task Force members discussed on presentation topics and gave comments & recommendation. Total 26 participants from MERN, POINT, MRPPA, Department of Irrigation and Water Management, Forest Research Institute, General Administrative Department, Forest Department, Environmental Conservation Department, Department of Agricultural Land Management & Statistics Department of Planning, Budget Department, Planning Department, Department of Social Welfares, DICA, Central Statistics Organization, and UN-REDD Programme were present during meeting. Next Task Force Meeting will be on first week of March 2020.