Ministerial Meeting with MoEE for National REDD+ Strategy Development

Nay Pyi Taw, 16 June 2017

As a series of Ministerial Meetings organized in a row in June to support National REDD+ Strategy Development, UN-REDD programme held meeting with the senior officials of departments under Ministry of Electricity and Energy in Nay Pyi Taw on 16 June.

During the discussion, the direct drivers, main indirect drivers to deforestation and potential development primarily related to the concerned ministry such as “high national/regional demand for electrical powers, high potential for hydropower projects, high and increasing demand for wood based energy, lack of sustainable alternative energy sources and lack of alternative sources for wood fuel harvest” have been addressed to discuss. The officials have participated the discussion panel to identify the constraints, challenges and opportunities of their departmental projects linking with the objectives, targets, and PaMs of National REDD+ Strategy.

While his presentation to the officials at the meeting, Mr. Franz Arnold, Chief Technical Advisor of UN-REDD programme in Myanmar  said, “Overall  work of the REDD+ is not just about reducing deforestation, and reducing emission. The idea is also – this is done in a way that REDD+ enhance the people’s livelihood and strengthen the overall development including plans & growth of the country. This is the overall vision for the REDD+ Strategy.”