Meeting with Forest Department REDD+ Core Group for preparation of National Validation Workshop on National REDD+ Strategy

14 August 2019, Nay Pyi Taw


U Kyaw Kyaw Lwin, DDG of Forest Department, giving closing remark


Forest Department REDD+ Core Group meeting for the preparing of the National Validation Workshop on National REDD+ Strategy was arranged at the Forest Department in Nay Pyi Taw to address the Forest Department’s role in providing a chance for all stakeholders to consider the draft National REDD+ Strategy revised on the basis of inputs from Strategy consultation processes. In addition, meeting was intended for open discussion on the vision and objectives of the Strategy and its policies and measures.


At the first session of the meeting, Mr. Timothy Boyle, Chief Technical Advisor of UN-REDD Programme presented about visions and objectives of REDD+ strategy. He said, “Please keep in our mind that REDD+ is all about policy change. Now, Myanmar is 3rd ranking in the world in terms of deforestation. So, if Myanmar  doesn’t change current policies, it will make this country remain in its highest ranking in deforestation.”


Daw Khin Hnin Myint, National Programme Coordinator of UN-REDD led the discussion about Policies and Measures (PAMs) for which Forest Department is identified as lead agency. She explained that there are 23 PAMs for National level and 21 PAMs for Sub-national Level which are designed to address the specific drivers of deforestation in Myanmar. After it, participants gave feedbacks on PAMs.


And then, Mr. Timothy Boyle, Chief Technical Advisor of UN-REDD Programme continued his presentation and discussed about direct policy change. He pointed out that there is no forest cover target in Myanmar at the moment. And he also presented achievable ways to halt the net deforestation of Myanmar by 2025 or 2030.


U Kyaw Kyaw Lwin, Deputy Director General of Forest Department gave closing remark. He said, “As a Forest Department, we will find possible ways for some policy changes related to deforestation. It’s not an easy process. It will surely need high- level discussions with related line- ministries. Moreover, we would like to encourage young generation of Forest Department to involve actively in the leading role of REDD+ implementation with creative initiatives.” Total 25 participants from Forest Department, FAO and UN-REDD attended half- day meeting on preparation of National Validation Workshop for National REDD+ Strategy.




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