Available for Public Comments: Draft National Clarification of the UNFCCC REDD+ Safeguards (Cancun Safeguards) for Myanmar

Background information

A draft of a national safeguards clarification for Myanmar has been developed, following a structure of Principles and Criteria, as decided by the Technical Working Group on Stakeholder Engagement and Safeguards (TWG-SES). An earlier version of this draft was discussed in June at a national workshop in Nay Pyi Taw (National Workshop on Clarifying the Cancun Safeguards in Myanmar, 28-29 June 2018), and feedback and suggestions were received from participants. The results are shown in attached document (available in English and Myanmar languages) below. In the tables in the attached document, the first column includes an updated draft of the clarification principles and criteria, with changes made where feedback from the workshop was easy to resolve. The second column presents those elements of feedback that seemed to require further discussion and thinking, along with some of the original questions that participants had been asked to answer.

If you wish to participate in the consultation, please:

  1. Review the draft clarification principles and criteria in the first column of the table.
  2. Review the suggestions for change and discussion questions based on participant feedback at the national workshop, which are presented in the second column of the table.
  3. Enter your comments, questions or suggestions for changes to the principles and criteria in the third column of the table. Note that the principles are drawn directly from the Cancun Safeguards and should not be changed substantially, while the criteria have been developed specifically for Myanmar (based on a review of relevant PLRs and an analysis of the potential benefits and risks of proposed REDD+ Policies and Measures) and are open for discussion – existing criteria can be amended or deleted, and new ones added where necessary.
  4. As soon as you save your comments in the document, please upload it (in MS Word or PDF format) through the “Post Comment” below or send to us via reddprogramme@myanmar-redd.org and redd.myanmar@gmail.com.

Deadline for the submission: 7 November 2018

Thank you for your contribution!


Download draft National Clarification of Myanmar REDD+ Safeguard
(English Language)
Download draft National Clarification of Myanmar REDD+ Safeguard
(Myanmar Language)


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